The Schramme-principle is very easy: Simply describe your application, and look forward to receiving your electromagnet, be it for moving, holding, switching or regulating.


Over the course of time, proportional solenoids, linear solenoids, pinch valves, holding solenoids and clutches of all design types and for special applications have been developed.


The Schramme Company has extraordinary competence in the area of proportional solenoids for hydraulic and pneumatic valves.
We are the market-leader in this segment.


For decades, we have proven to be a reliable partner for automotive suppliers as well as for many other sectors in the industry and in medical engineering.


And, of course, the Schramme Company is certified to

IATF 16949:2016 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.





Unlimited possibilities.

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Electromagnets / Solenoids

Linear solenoids for moving, holding solenoids for holding, control solenoids for switching, or proportional solenoids for regulating.
Competence from a single source


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Solenoid, Electromagnet

Our product overview:


Proportional solenoid, linear solenoid, holding solenoid, reversing linear solenoid, double-proportional solenoid, pinch valve, hydraulic valve, pneumatic valve


Your individual electromagnet/solenoid for your own series production


 Proportionalmagnet GP8 Pneumatikventil Sereinproduktion



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