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People make the Difference.

At Magnetbau Schramme, we honour our employees, as do our employees honour the Company. Peoples make the difference. 


Moving things together.

Holding-up quality specifications together.

Switching to our customers' concerns together.

Regulating our customers' matters together.

That's how we "work"

If you want to experience how Schramme works and how we integrate and support our employees, then enjoy watching our films on SAM, our newest employee and brand-messenger-bot. Our motto is: We are SchrAmMe.

#04 Schramme +++ Coach +++

#03 Schramme Image Film +++ Wanderpokal +++

#02 Schramme Image Film +++ Armdrücken +++

#01 Schramme Image-Film +++ Pilotfilm +++

Schramme - Transparency