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Flow Control Valve


Magnetbau Schramme is your specialist for flow control valves

Special applications, where we have developed and produce proportional flow control valves for our valve manufacturers, round off our know-how in this product segment.

We are leaders in the field of proportional technology.


Schramme Valves are powerful and have high-performance Skills.

A major special feature is that Schramme valves are characterised by very low leakage oil rates and are designed for pressures of up to 350 bar.


The flow control valve is a examplefor series-produced flow control valves. Magnetbau Schramme developed specified. If you are looking for a suitable solenoid with flow control valve for your series project, simply contact us. Our team is guaranteed to help you.


Please note that, that we do not have „ex stock“-standard products, therefore we can only incoming request proccess for series production.

If you want more informations about the manufacturer and the flow control valve, please contact us here. Our Sales Team will help and supporting you.


click here data sheets with drawings for SR-flow control valve


Schramme products are used in following different applications: