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Electrical Holding Magnets, Holding Solenoids


Magnetbau Schramme electrical holding magnets - Available ex stock or in special designs

The soleneoid as an holding solenoid is a magnet system with an open magnetic circuit and is suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects when switched on. The holding forces depend essentially on the degree of magnetisability and the surface shape of the objects to be held.

Holding magnets, also known as holding magnets, are used wherever only a very small stroke is required, 
where only a very small stroke has to be converted or where anchor plates have to be held.


Holding magnets are magnet systems with an open magnetic circuit and are suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects when switched on. The holding forces depend essentially on the degree of magnetisability and the surface shape of the objects to be held.


A key feature of holding magnets is their high flexibility and adaptability to different areas of application. Holding solenoids can be quickly and easily adapted to a wide variety of systems due to their simple handling and modular design. For example, different sizes and shapes of cores and coils can be used to achieve optimum adaptation to the respective application.

Another feature of holding solenoids is their high efficiency and energy savings. By using holding solenoids, the energy efficiency of systems can be significantly increased, as the magnetic force is only generated when it is needed. When the current flow is stopped, the magnetic field is also switched off and the holding force disappears.

Other features

  • Holding solenoids have sharply increasing lifting force characteristics. The holding force increases as the air gap decreases.
  • The higher the surface roughness of the contact area, the lower the holding force.


Installation Instructions

The installation position is arbitrary. Threaded holes are provided on the front side for fastening the holding solenoids. When working with holding solenoids, the relevant accident prevention regulations must be observed.

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Frequently asked questions about holding magnets

  • Where are holding magnets used?

    Holding magnets are used in a wide variety of industries and areas. From medical technology to mechanical engineering and robotics.

    In the field of mechanical engineering, holding magnets are used, for example, to fix workpieces on processing machines or holding magnets are used to fix a metal plate on a milling machine so that it does not slip during the milling process.

    Holding magnets are also used in safety engineering. They are used to close or lock doors and gates. For example, holding magnets can be used in electronic door locks to lock the door when the current flows through the coil.

    Even in medical technology, holding magnets can be used in various applications, e.g. in MRI machines or magnetic resonance imaging. Here, holding magnets are used to fix and position the patient in the device.

    Holding magnets are also used in robotics. They are used to fix robot arms or tools or to grip and move objects. For example, holding magnets can be used in industrial robotics to fix tools or grippers to the robot arm.

  • What is the difference between a holding solenoid and a permanent magnet?

    holding magnet and a permanent magnet differ in their magnetic properties and in their ability to maintain a magnetic field.

    holding magnet is a magnet that is only magnetic when it is near another magnet. It sticks to a metallic surface because it is attracted to another magnet. If the other magnet is removed, the holding magnet loses its magnetic force.

    permanent magnet, on the other hand, retains its magnetic force even if it is removed from another magnet. This means that the permanent magnet can maintain a magnetic field without being attracted by another magnet. Because of this principle, permanent holding solenoids are preferably used where long holding times are required and the unit is only switched on for a short time.

    Furthermore, they are used as safety magnets in transport equipment, as a load is reliably held even in the event of a power failure.