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Firmensitz Deutschland Magnetbau Schramme im Deggenhausertal am Bodensee

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Series production at Magnetbau Schramme

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Teammeeting in the productions department of magnetbau schramme
canban production by Magnetbau Schramme
Worker in der Produktion bei Magnetbau Schramme

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Schramme - The Company at lake constance

For more than 45 years Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG, with registered office in Deggenhausertal, and in China (Yangzhou), has been successfully established in the development and production of electromagnets, valves, sensors and customer-specific actuators.

As GmbH & Co. KG, the corporate culture is very family-like and informal. Our shareholders have been with us from day one. The next generation is in the process of being integrated and prepared for their tasks in the long term.

A flat hierarchy and LEAN competence enable fast, target-oriented communication. This is a real strength when tasks need to be completed swiftly. A real competitive advantage, because at Schramme everyone contributes to the improvement process, day after day.

Schramme has leading competence in the field of proportional technology for hydraulic and pneumatic valves. For decades, we have been known as a reliable partner to automotive suppliers and many industrial sectors such as mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, medical technology, conveying technology, food industry, safety technology, e-mobility, automation, robotics, etc. Of course, Schramme - the company at lake constance is certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

Quality and service are our highest corporate objectives. At Schramme, the customers set the standard - with their evaluations and audits and feedback - which are decisive. Top quality ensures the competitiveness of the Company. Quality is achieved through satisfied employees, avoidance of failure, CIPs, LEAN methods and good communication.

Schramme is "best-practice" in LEAN production and LEAN management.

Magnetbau Schramme is your international company for electromagnets, valves, actuators and sensors. Strong in research and innovative in development, we even produce products with which we hold world records. Our high quality products can be found as indispensable components in various and complex systems of our customers from different branches of industry. These are part of their economic success and we are proud of it. -Transforming into success.-