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Series production at Magnetbau Schramme

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Schramme's Philosophy

The Schramme mission statement and our quality objective is:

Maximum customer satisfaction. Highest quality. Zero defects. 100% correct.

Our customers set the standard of our quality. From scratch, in every project. According to the LEAN basic principle: The right product, at the right time, at the right place, with the optimal quality and at the right price.

It is our opinion that this is the only way for us to maintain Germany as our business location and achieve long-term well-being for the Company with balanced share and stakeholders.

Our basic attitude increases economic efficiency, secures our competitiveness and thus the jobs at Schramme.

Schramme demands first-class suppliers, be it in Germany, the EU or in China. It is our conviction that many years of partnership and cooperation along the entire supply chain from raw materials to OEMs is a guarantee of success for "Made in Germany".

Achieving our quality objectives is a vital management task. As in other areas too, we use LEAN methods to manage and control these targets. We create the basis for this with regular measures that include all employees in the form of training courses, further training measures, coaching, assessments, exchange of experience and open regulated communication - shopfloor management in all departments, whether workers or salaried employees, management or development.

The exchange of opinions and constant satisfaction of the employees are the requirements.

Schramme is "Lean".

 (Lean Management, formerly known as the "Toyota Principle".)

Schramme initially started with lean methods in 2001 by introducing "one-piece flow" in manufacturing.

Today, Schramme belongs to the "Best practice" companies.

With this change in our corporate structure, productivity, flexibility and quality along the manufacturing process were sustainably increased. The optimization of added value at the workplace, the logistical processes and improvement and increasing of productivity and product quality only works when the lean management philosophy is trained and anchored in the heads of all employees, from workers to management.