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„We are research and development since 45 years.“


„Locking solenoids by Schramme.“


„Electromagnetics clutches by Schramme.“


„Servo valves by Schramme.“


„Delivery reliability. Highest customer satisfaction. 1A service.“


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„Perfection in production. 0 errors. 100% correct. Best quality.“


„Linear solenoids by Schramme.“


„Proportional technology. Market-leading position.“


„Valves by Schramme.“


„Serial production by Schramme“

Druckregelventil von Magnetbau Schramme

„Pressure control valve by Schramme“

Proportionalventil von Magnetbau Schramme

„Schramme proportional solenoid valves“

Sam - Elektromagnete, Elektromagnetventile, Ventile, Wegsensoren von Magnetbau Schramme

„Products by Schramme“

Schlauchklemmventil mit Kappe von Magnetbau Schramme

„Valves. Proportional. Electrical.“


„Holding magnets by Schramme.“

Proportional solenoids with position sensor LVDT

„Uncompromising in precision and quality.“


„Electromagnets with LVDTs sensors by Schramme.“

Linear Solenoids and Electromagnetsm in High-Quality made by magnetbau schramme

„Linear Solenoids in high quality“

Special Magnets-Embedded-Design-Solenoids-medical-respirator-magnetbau-schramme-products-GM1025A45_215
Haftmagnet bei Schramme

„Permanent holding magnets“

„B2B - sales & marketing products“

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Solenoids developed and made by magnetbau Schramme

We research, development and producing your individual electromagnets in Schrammes special manufactur. 

Solenoids developed and made by magnetbau Schramme

Linear Solenoids and electromagnets in high quality

Electromagnets in linear solenoid design are also referred to as DC single linear solenoids. This solenoid is a universal ...

Special Magnets - Embedded Design Solenoids

Customized development

Magnetbau Schramme is your specialist for embedded-design solenoids. No matter what your ...

Proportional Solenoids and valves, pressure-tight

Proportional solenoids are often used for proportional valves. Proportional valves are also commonly referred to as ...

Control-Solenoid, Control-Magnet and Control Valve, Pressure-tight

These electromagnets/solenoids are commonly used in control valves. The spectrum of control magnets as well as the variety ...

Electromagnetic Clutches

Electromagnetic clutches are magnet systems with an open magnetic circuit. When activated, they are suitable for ...

Electrical Holding Magnets, Holding Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as electrical holding magnets are magnet systems with an open magnetic circuit. When activated, they ...

Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids designed as reversing linear solenoids consist of two magnet systems. The stroke motion of the ...

Bistable Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids can perform a high degree of linear work within a minimum of space. To operate an electromagnet ...

Double-proportional Solenoids

Double-proportional solenoids consist of two magnet systems. These specialized linear solenoids are used to effect stroke ...

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...

Double-acting and Single-acting Spreader Solenoids

Spreader solenoids are used almost only as actuation (releasing) magnets for brakes. Single-acting spreader solenoids are ...

Permanent holding magnets

Permanent holding magnet it is another innovation by Magnetbau Schramme magneticsystems. 


Qualität Magnetbau Schramme


"Quality is the result of a motivated team. 
Here at Schramme, WE! is therefore written in capital letters.
The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
I am proud to be part of the family!"

Dipl. Ing.(FH), MBE Stefan Breuer (Leiter Qualitätsmanagement)


IATF 16949 certification DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

As a developer and producer of electromagnets is Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG certificated.

You can here download and view the certifications or copy, save and print the documents for your records. 

More informations you get in our Mediathek section on this website.