Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG
Electromagnets-valves-on use in engineering by Magnetbau Schramme

„Kompromisslos in Funktionalität und Langlebigkeit“



„Einzigartig in Qualität & Quantität“


Magnetbau Schramme products for Industry 40

„Tradition, Innovation und Verantwortung = Zukunft!“

Sascha Harazim [Vertrieb / Marketing]

Electromagnets for conveyor technology by Magnetbau Schramme

„Fördertechnik - Sicherheit & mehr...“


Proportionalmagnetventile in der Lebensmittelindustrie Branche von Magnetbau Schramme

„Lebensmittelindustrie - Genauigkeit und mehr...“


Electromagnets for automation systems by Magnetbau Schramme

„Wir forschen und entwickeln - Kundenspezifische Lösungen!“




Electromagnets and miniature solenoids in electrical tools by Magnetbau Schramme

„Elektrische Handgeräte - Handlich, klein, fein - Miniaturen und mehr...“


Electromagnets-valves-on use in engineering by Magnetbau Schramme

„Maschinenbau und mehr...“

Elektromagnete in der Sicherheitstechnik von Magnetbau Schramme

„Sicherheitstechnik und mehr...“

Elektromagnet in der Mobilhydraulik von Magnetbau Schramme

„Mobilhydraulik und mehr...“

Elektromagnetventile in der Medizintechnik und Automation von Magnetbau Schramme

„Medizintechnik und mehr...“


„Wir gehen längst mit - der Zeit - E-Mobilität und mehr...“


Elektromagnete in Türschliessanlagen von Magnetbau Schramme

„Schramme im System - Türschließanlagen und mehr...“

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With Schramme to your success.

For over 45 years, we have been leading the market in terms of research, development and the production of top-quality products at the highest level for a variety of industrial sectors in small or large series, with the core competence in electromagnets and solenoids, proportional valves, actuators and sensors.  

For decades, we have - successfully and at the highest customer-satisfaction level - been supplying the components from our Schramme manufactory to our industrial customers. Specialty areas include robotics, automation technology, electrical power tools and miniatures, conveying technology, mechanical engineering, door locking systems, safety technology, the food industry, mobile hydraulics, medical technology and trucking applications. With our customer-specific product development, we at Schramme support the assured success of your systems. With Schramme to your success. 

Robotics with Schramme components, pneumatically and hydraulically

As a global player, our Schramme products provide you many new ideas in the field of robotics technology. Be convinced by ...

Automation with the Schramme product variety

As a leading manufacturer of magnets, we are invaluable in the field of automation with our Schramme products, and today ...

Electrical power tools with small and miniature solenoids

For decades Schramme has been supplying its customers with special applications, for example for core drills, impact drills ...

Conveyance Technology at Schramme

Conveyance technology is required to ensure proper material flow in companies. Mastering this technology in engineering and ...

Mechanical engineering with electromagnets and actuators from Schramme

Mechanical engineering and automation technology have large intersections. The focus of Magnetbau Schramme products in ...

Safety technology at Schramme

Be it safety doors in buildings or locking systems on machinery - Safety technology demands highest-quality actuators to ...

Food industry - Electromagnets, valves & sensors

In the food industry, it is important that goods reach their destination quickly and, above all, that they are transported ...

Mobile Hydraulics at Schramme

As a specialist for proportional technologies, Schramme develops and produces mostly customer-specific electromagnets and ...

Medical engineering

In the "Medical engineering" sector, equipment and procedures for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases are ...

E-mobility using components from Schramme

How is electromobility defined?

"Electromobility comprises all vehicles that are powered by an electric motor and obtain ...

Door locking systems & Access control systems

Door locking systems and electrical access control systems.
Electronic access control systems, which should rather be ...

Trucks and Proportional Technology or Electromagnetic Clutches from Schramme

As your TS 16 949 certified company, we are in an excellent position to meet the needs of the automotive world, especially ...

Hydrogen with Schramme-Components

Customized electromagnetic and electrodynamic components for fuel cell drives in hydrogen applications.