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We are Schramme! International & market-leading. Solenoids, Electromagnets, Magnet Systems, hydraulic components, high quality products, solenoids, proportional valves and LVDTs

As a traditional & innovative family business, Schramme develops and produces magnet systems, solenoid, electromagnetic actuators in the form of proportional solenoids, proportional valves, pressure sensors and electromagnets, in top quality. Most of our products are customer-specific developments. As a loyal and reliable global player with locations in Germany and China, we attach great importance to LEAN management throughout the entire Company. Schramme developed high quality linear solenoids, hydraulic and pneumatic components. All electromagnets, solenoids, magnet systems, hydraulic valves, hydraulic components, pneumatic valves, actuators and sensors are high quality products and made in germany. We are Schramme! International & market-leading. Solenoids, Electromagnets, Magnet Systems, hydraulic components, high quality products, solenoids, proportional valves, pressure control valves and LVDTs.



Elektromagnets, Solednoids, in top quality made by Schramme

Schramme has been developing and producing electromagnets since 1975, almost 45 years. Proportional solenoids are our strength. If you can build proportional actuators, the rest is easy. Locking magnets, linear solenoids, reversing linear solenoids, holding solenoids, permanent electric holding solenoids or electromagnetic clutches. Most products are customer-specific. Catalog products are available.
In linear solenoids and other high quality products schramme is holding wordlrecords. Contact us here for more informations about magnet systems, hydraulics and pneumatics electromagnetic. 




Your Valve from Schramme

Customer-specific valves for hydraulics, pneumatics and all other types of fluids. Be that in commercial vehicles or electric cars, on machinery, in mobile hydraulics on tractors or on vessels. Aside of a few standard valves that are available in our product catalog. Schramme prefers to develop precisely the valve you need for your application or system. Proportional or switching or with special characteristic curve - we transform your idea into success. Schramme has particular expertise when it comes to proportional valves. Whether pressure-regulating valves, pressure-reducing valves, electromagnetic valves, mechanical valves, hydraulic valves or pneumatic valves. Send us your specification - We'll transform it into success.



Sensors from Schramme

Position sensors for actuators in particular are our specialty.
A special highlight: Schramme embeds the actuator or valve directly with the sensor.

Feel free to have us present our all new valve- or proportional-solenoid-integrated 

Hall-sensors, simple threshold switches or innovative dielectric position-measuring systems in a personal consultation.

Standard LVDT sensors for extremely precise position measurement, especially on hydraulic valves, can be found in our catalog.


50 Jahre Tal der Liebe

Deggenhausertal - 50 years valley of love

A church with a heart.

As an employer in the Deggenhausertal region for almost 50 years, we say...

Interne Schulung Lean Management

Internal training - when colleagues learn from colleagues

At Schramme we are always looking for ways to improve.

In a recent training course with Cosimo...


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Value creation process together with Magnetbau Schramme


Bistabile solenoid. Small space - big lifting work!