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Historie und alte Lehrwerkstatt Magnetbau Schramme

„Alte Lehrwerkstatt“


Alter Maschinenpark aus den siebziger Jahren von Magnetbau Schramme

„Das Wesen der Geschichte ist die Wandlung“

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The History of the Company Schramme

Scroll down the timeline and discover our development history.


HISTORY - A quick overview

1975 Initial formation as a department at Markdorf-based companies

1988 Initial establishment as Magnetbau Schramme GmbH

1995 New partnership structure with Managing Director Hardy Grandl

2000 New and larger Company facility in the Deggenhausertal

2001 Expansion, second assembly facility

2005 Establishment as Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG

2006 Expansion, office facility

2012 Expansion of production/hydraulics

2013 Purchase of Formen & Plaste in Wangen in the Allgäu

2014 Start of China production in Yangzhou

2015 Expansion and extension of sister plant in Wangen, fully automatic pressure-tube manufacture

2016/17 Expansion of the Deggenhausen location: Production hall, product development center

2017 Expansion of our China location

2020 New Managing Director (CEO) Dr. -Ing. Joachim Hümmler


Companyhistory of Magnetbau Schramme

New Chief Executive Officer at Magnetbau Schramme
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New Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. -Ing. Joachim Hümmler


Sam der Markenbotschafter bei Magnetbau Schramme
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Schramme Marketing - SAM is born - Brand-messenger-bot and new claim.

Schramme Marketing develops our own brand-messenger-bot for future marketing activities, in line with our own story-telling concept. SAM. A 3.00 meter tall transformer bot that reflects Schramme's great product variety. SAM was designed from products of the Magnetbau Schramme product range. Electromagnets and solenoids, valves, clutches, hydraulic system components, sensors, etc. Along with SAM came the new Schramme claim "Transforming into success."A teaser and four films on SAM in the social media channels flanked our new web and market presence.


Restructuring of production, human resources and departments

Due to the constant expansion of the company - by now 140 employees at the Deggenhausen location - helpful adaptations were implemented to the company structure, in line with our mission statement. Responsibilities and departments were adapted and optimized to the lean processes and structures. Lean management in particular played a central role in the implementation.

Yangzhou China Werk Magnetbau Schramme Produktion Firmengeschichte
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Expansion of our China location

Many new customers come from China. Our customers want to source in China. Schramme produces in China. With our import license, Schramme (Yangzhou) can also buffer top products from Germany at our factory in China and supply customers according to their demand.

Magnetbau Schramme Neubau Produktentwicklungszentrum-Deggenhausertal
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New construction of office building, production hall and development center

Growth requires production space. Regardless of all LEAN, eventually we'll be running out of space. Schramme purchases a hall in the neighborhood and completely renovates it. In the course of this, the entire order acquisition from development, quality and sales was moved to the "new building". Hall 5 is already full of new production cells for the fully-automated production of actuator components. The new address: Zur Zielgelhütte 1-5

weltrekord bistabiler hubmagnet Magnetbau Schramme
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Development of and patent on a world record: Bi-stable reversing linear solenoids

This new patented bi-stable reversing linear solenoid has a 300% higher power/load ratio than conventional linear solenoids, i.e. much more power at less installation space. It is already being used in series production for safety switches, locking systems in doors and machine doors, where life and limb are at stake.The principle is freely scalable and further new developments have already been launched.

Formen und Plaste Erweiterung Wangen Historie Magnetbau Schramme
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Expansion at Wangen location

Top precision through innovation. Expansion of the machine park at Schramme Formen & Plaste in Wangen. Innovation for precision and more... A DMC650V milling center and a G+H Fs640 grinding center were added. Expansion of sister plant Wangen with fully automatic pressure-tube manufacture.

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China Production

China ProductionIn record time: Opening of our China production in Yanghzou. Merely 12 months from the decision to produce for our customers in China to the SOP. Our long-time sales manager in China has taken over the plant management.On 2,500 m², Schramme Electromagnetic and Sensing Technology (Yangzhou) Co., LTD 德国施拉姆电磁传感技术(扬州)有限公司No. 20 Chuangye Road, A2 Building No.6GIP, Yangzhou 225000, China中国江苏省扬州市广陵经济开发区创业路20号A2幢6号楼has plenty more space to grow.

Lean-Management bei Magnetbau Schramme
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Schramme Lean-Management

Having already started to produce in one-piece flow and with highly-flexible assembly lines in 2005, Schramme introduces lean management into all areas of the Company. The Business Management's decision is accompanied by extensive training and further education measures for management and team leaders. Training from management to workmen. The advantages are enormous and will change the Company completely in the next few years. Lean processes, lean manufacturing and lean development will help Schramme to improve even more and gain greater sustainability for the future.

Formen und Plaste Schramme Schwesterunternehmen
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Takeover of injection mould manufacturer "Formen und Plaste"

Takeover of injection mould manufacturer "Formen und Plaste"Schramme takes over the Wangen Allgäu companyFormen und Plaste GmbH as of July 1, 2013.From now on, the company operates under the name MS Formen & Plaste GmbH & Co. KG and is a "Member of the Schramme Group". Toolmaking, mould making, sample mould-injection tools and prototype moulds can from now on also be produced directly by Schramme for own customer projects and customers.

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Expansion Manufacture hydraulics

Expansion our Manufactur hydraulics

Firmensitz Deggenhausertal Magnetbau Schramme
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Extension of office building

Further office space was created through an extension, with modern furnishing of the new offices in a timely manner.

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Change of Company name and expansion of production and office spaceMagnetbau Schramme GmbH becomes a limited partnership and is now named Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG.In addition, we have expanded our office and production space by approx. 1,200 m².

Firmensitz Deggenhausertal Magnetbau Schramme
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Expansion of second assembly facility

At the new location, new incoming orders and growing order volumes pick up on speed and the new facility already reaches its limits. The second assembly facility at the Deggenhausertal location is built.

Firmensitz Deggenhausertal Magnetbau Schramme
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New location in Deggenhausertal

New and larger Company facility in the DeggenhausertalIn 1999, management determines that the old halls in Markdorf are no longer suitable for Schramme. The Managing Directors begin searching for a new location "out in the green", where the Company can grow sustainably and long-term. In the Deggenhausertal, only 10 minutes away from Markdorf, a committed mayor is found who recognizes the opportunity for the community and in just a few weeks the building permit for Schramme is authorized. 2010 Schramme moves into the new building.

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New shareholder structure

The shareholder structure of the Company changes. The new Managing Directors are Hardy Grandl (Commercial Director) and Johannes Bohler (Technical Director).

Firmengeschichte Magnetbau Schramme Historie
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Magnetbau Schramme GmbH is born

For the first time, Schramme enters the market as "Magnetbau Schramme GmbH".

CNC-Maschinenpark Historie Magnetbau Schramme 1975
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Where it all started

The roots of Magnetbau Schramme go back to 1975, as the department of a Markdorf-based company that produced simple open-frame magnets, e.g. for cash register systems. Already at this point, as is typical German and Swabian/Baden, a lot of importance is attached to first-class technology, quality and modernity in the Company. Johannes Bohler, the technical genius, is "the man of the first hour".