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Climate neutral company

Climate neutral company

Climate neutral since 2018!

This year, Magnetbau Schramme has once again carried out the carbon footprint analysis for fiscal year 2021 together with the sustainability consultancy "Fokus Zukunft".

By purchasing climate certificates to offset our greenhouse gas emissions, which are generated in the company, we support developing countries in the implementation of sustainable ecological measures.

  • Brazil - Endangered Species Forest Conservation Project: The goal of the Maísa REDD+ project is to promote forest conservation and reduce emissions from unplanned deforestation and forest degradation.
  • Mongolia - Cookstoves: This project activity involves the installation and maintenance of clean energy products, including efficient stoves, heating technologies, and home insulation products.
  • Mexico - Wind Energy: The objective of the project activity is to build a wind farm with an installed capacity of 102 MW. The renewable energy will be fed into the Mexican power grid.


Thank you for the great cooperation and support with Fokus Zukunft and Peter Friess - we are very much looking forward to further projects.

Your Schramme Team!

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