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Pressure Regulating Valve



Proportional pressure regulating valves are used in hydraulic systems, where pressures have to be frequently adapted to the process conditions.


Our proportional pressure regulating valves feature a very high repetitive accuracy and precise holding of the pressure, which is  adjusted by means of the solenoid current. With their use, repetitive, ongoing processes can be securely and efficiently realized.


To achieve optimal resolution of the control range for different pressure ranges, we offer pressure regulating valves in various pressure stages.


Pressure regulating valves are used for controlling auxiliary equipment on municipal and commercial vehicles, such as spreaders, mowers, street sweepers, etc.


Generally, Magnetbau Schramme developments are customer-specific. If you are searching for the right pressure regulating valve for your series project, simply contact us for the perfect solution. Our team will help you - guaranteed.


Please note that we do not have „ex stock“ standard products, and can therefore only process inquiries for series. 


Click here for PDF data sheet with drawings of the DR1 pressure regulating valve