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3/2-way Seat Valve

Wegesitzventil und Sitzventil bei Magnetbau Schramme

Magnetbau Schramme is your specialist for seat valves

Seat valves are used for leakage-free switching of the oil-flows. They are designed for perfect switching, even after prolonged service time under high pressure. These valves ensure tight sealing-off of consumers (e.g., a cylinder holding a load) in mobile as well as stationary applications.

The switching limits of the valves are to be observed when dimensioning/rating systems.


The 3/2-way solenoid seat valve is a directly-controlled screw-in valve.

3/2-way solenoid seat valves are EXAMPLES for seat valves realized in series.


Magnetbau Schramme developments are customer-specific. If you are searching for the right electromagnet with valve for your series project, simply contact us for the perfect solution. Our team will help you - guaranteed.


Please note that we do not have „ex stock“ standard products, and can therefore only process inquiries for series.


Click here for PDF data sheet with drawings of the SV3-3/2-way seat valve