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Proportional solenoids with position sensor LVDT

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„Proportional solenoids with position sensor“

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External position sensor lvdt

Externer Wegsensor LVDT
Magnetbau_Schramme_Wegsensor_lvdt_Set Magnetbau Schramme

Magnetbau Schramme ist Ihr Spezialist für - externe Wegsensoren (LVDT)

Magnetbau Schramme is your specialist for external position sensors (LVDTs)

The special features of the LVDTs developed by Magnetbau Schramme include extreme accuracy, maximum linearity and minimal size.


Position sensors are used in hydraulic systems when valves are to be effectively controlled via a closed-loop control circuit.

Magnetbau Schramme's proportional solenoidwith position sensor (LVDT) forms an assembly in which the operational gain and the zero position are factory-calibrated and set.


The position sensor LVDT can be externally screw-mounted, including to valves or solenoids. The solenoid can be installed in any position. Your savings are in the assembling and the connecting of various components, along with time-consuming adjustments. This saves you both time and money.


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