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Elektromagnete in Türschliessanlagen und Türkontrollsysteme von Magnetbau-Schramme


Elektromagnete in der Sicherheitstechnik für Tuerschliessanlagen von Magnetbau Schramme
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Door locking systems & Access control systems

Door locking systems and electrical access control systems.
Electronic access control systems, which should rather be described as access authorization systems, are either designed as electronic-electromechanical systems (e.g. through read/control units and electromechanical actuators) or, if higher security requirements are necessary, can also be designed as closing systems in conjunction with mechanical locking cylinders.


Modern Systems

These are of modular design and allow the use of mechanical and mechatronic components - side by side - in the same system. The electronic components give the overall system an individual flexibility, which is especially desired for organizational changes.

Depending on the brand, mechanical locking systems can also be mechatronically expanded, up to the utilization licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Germany ( 

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We will gladly inform you about door locking systems with miniature solenoids and double-proportional solenoids from Schramme. Feel free to contact us here.


The following Schramme products are used:

Miniature solenoids, double-proportional solenoids, bistable reversing linear solenoids, reversing linear solenoids, holding solenoids, control solenoids, control magnets, control valves, electromagnets as special magnets, linear solenoids.

Permanent holding magnets

A permanent magnet is a magnet that can generate a constant magnetic field without depending on an external energy source.


Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets in the form of linear solenoids are also correctly called DC single solenoids. The linear solenoid is a ...

Control-Solenoid, Control-Magnet and Control Valve

These electromagnets/solenoids are commonly used in control valves. The spectrum of control magnets as well as the variety ...

Electrical Holding Magnets, Holding Solenoids

The soleneoid as an holding solenoid is a magnet system with an open magnetic circuit and is suitable for holding ...

Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids designed as reversing linear solenoids consist of two magnet systems. The stroke motion of the ...

Bistable Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids can perform a high degree of linear work within a minimum of space. To operate an electromagnet ...

Double Proportional Solenoids

Double proportional solenoids consist of two magnet systems. These specialized linear solenoids are used to effect stroke ...

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...