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Trucks and Proportional Technology or Electromagnetic Clutches from Schramme

As your TS 16 949 certified company, we are in an excellent position to meet the needs of the automotive world, especially in the truck business. For several decades, Schramme has been supplying its customers with high-quality actuators as a Tier-1 or Tier-2 supplier. Schramme is the market leader, specifically in proportional technology.

Electromagnets and solenoids or valvesfromSchramme are used on almost every truck in Europe. Our actuators in the form of electromagnets or electromagnetic valves, for example, actuate exhaust-gas recirculation, and are used in turbocharger adjustment, intarders or retarders, transmission actuators, transmission mechatronics, hydraulic rear-axle steering, engine shut off in the form of proportional solenoids or proportional valves, control magnets or switching valves, linear solenoids in locking or actuation.

CO2 is being widely discussed, and AdBlue systems are indispensable in diesel units, diesel engines and marine engines. In terms of environmental management systems in the exhaust train, Schramme has developed new valves for AdBlue systems for its customers.

Our high flexibility regarding quantities usual for the trucking business, from a few thousand up to 1 million units in a clean, lean production environment, regularly inspires our customers.

If you require consulting on Schramme products and components at an industrial level in trucking, automotive and vehicle engineering,  feel free to contact us here. 


The following Schramme products are used here:


Proportional Solenoids

Proportional valves, control valves or also continuous valves are actuated electromagnetically. Electromagnetically actuated ...

Electromagnetic Clutches

Electromagnetic clutches are magnet systems with an open magnetic circuit. When activated, they are suitable for ...

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...