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Elektromagnete und Elektromagnetventil für Robotik und Automation bei Magnetbau Schramme

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Elektromagnete und Hydrraulische Komponenten in der Robotik und Automation bei Magnetbau Schramme

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Elektromagnete und Sensoren in der Robotik bei Magnetbau Schramme

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Elektromagnete und Elektromagnetventile in der Robotik und Automatisierungstechnik
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Robotics with Schramme components, pneumatically and hydraulically

As a global player, our Schramme products provide you many new ideas in the field of robotics technology. Be convinced by our strong vision of future developments.

With our customer-specific pneumatic and hydraulic components, our solutions are extremely versatile. The Schramme product range also offers excellent solutions in the field of robotics.


Applications of Schramme products in robotics:

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Schramme products in robotics:



Permanent holding magnets

A permanent magnet is a magnet that can generate a constant magnetic field without depending on an external energy source.


Position sensor GP8060 LVDT (NG10)

Magnetbau Schramme is your specialist for proportional solenoids with position sensors (LVDT) NG10

Magnetbau Schramme's ...

Proportional Solenoids and Proportional Valves

Proportional solenoids are often used for proportional valves. Proportional valves are also commonly referred to as ...

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...

Double Proportional Solenoids

Double proportional solenoids consist of two magnet systems. These specialized linear solenoids are used to effect stroke ...

Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids designed as reversing linear solenoids consist of two magnet systems. The stroke motion of the ...

Electrical Holding Magnets, Holding Solenoids

The soleneoid as an holding solenoid is a magnet system with an open magnetic circuit and is suitable for holding ...

Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets in the form of linear solenoids are also correctly called DC single solenoids. The linear solenoid is a ...