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Ventile und Elektromagnete in der Medizintechnik von Magnetbau Schramme




ventile und elektromagnete in der Medizintechnik von Magnetbau Schramme


Elektromagnetventile und Elektromagnete in der Medizintechnik von Magnetbau Schramme
Ventile und Elektromagnete in der Medizintechnik von Magnetbau Schrammemagnetbau-schramme
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Medical engineering

In the "Medical engineering" sector, equipment and procedures for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases are developed.

Schramme products contribute to the production of such equipment.

Where are Schramme products used?

For example in dialysis equipment, wheelchairs, medical ventilators for intensive-care units or operating rooms, actuators and valves in ambulances, hose clamps, hose clamp valves/pinch valves, electromagnetic valves and special valves for the dosage of pharmaceutical substances and medication.

Which Schramme products are used in the field of medical engineering?

Miniature solenoids,hose clamps, pinch valves and external position sensors.

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The following Schramme components and products are used in medical engineering:


Pinch Valve

The hose clamp valves (pinch valves, hose pinch valves) from Schramme stand for uncompromising quality and components with ...

Position sensor GP8060 LVDT (NG10)

Magnetbau Schramme is your specialist for proportional solenoids with position sensors (LVDT) NG10

Magnetbau Schramme's ...

Pinch Valve

Electromagnets designed as pinch valves are mainly used in medical and analytical technology, in chemical processing and in ...

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...