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solenoid valves and electromagnets in the food industry at Magnetbau Schramme


solenoid valves in the food industry and filling line at Magnetbau Schramme
Solenoid valves in the food industry at Schramme
Solenoid valves in the food industry at Magnetbau Schramme
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Food industry - Electromagnets, valves & sensors

In the food industry, it is important that goods reach their destination quickly and, above all, that they are transported safely. 

In this sensitive industrial area, Schramme products provide for perfect and optimized production processes.

The main focus here is on processing, distributing, issuing, storing and commissioning the goods and products.


Special expertise

Schramme has outstanding expertise when it comes to the processing of liquid products, for example in the form of special valves, hose clamp valves and pinch valves,as used in coffee machines, beverage machines, syrup dosing, water dispensers and many other exciting applications.


Applications of Schramme products in the food industry and in food technology:



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The following Schramme components and products are used in the food industry:

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...

Pinch Valve

The hose clamp valves (pinch valves, hose pinch valves) from Schramme stand for uncompromising quality and components with ...