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E-mobility using components from Schramme

How is electromobility defined?

"Electromobility comprises all vehicles that are powered by an electric motor and obtain their energy primarily from the power supply, meaning, they are externally chargeable.“


In good time and innovative, Schramme decided many years ago to establish itself on the e-mobility market. The research and development of new solutions has led to several own patents, which are still successfully employed in own products and in products of well-known manufacturers available on the markets.


Example for an E-Bike ABS system 

  • Locking actuators
  • Locking magnets
  • Actuators for gearing
  • Chassis
  • Electromagnetic valve
  • Electromagnetic proportional valve
  • Actuators for battery management and cooling systems
  • Adaptive chassis


Regardless of the special applications you want to actuate in e-mobility, Magnetbau Schramme will develop and produce the suitable actuator or electromagnetic valve for your system, no matter if switched or proportional.

Proportional solenoids and valves, electromagnetic clutches and miniature solenoids are used here.  


The following Schramme products are used in e-mobility:


Proportional Solenoids

Proportional valves, control valves or also continuous valves are actuated electromagnetically. Electromagnetically actuated ...

Electromagnetic Clutches

Electromagnetic clutches are magnet systems with an open magnetic circuit. When activated, they are suitable for ...

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...