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Solenoids and hydrogen

[Translate to Englisch:] Elektromagneten und Wasserstoff

Innovation at Magnetbau Schramme - Hydrogen technology

Schramme is currently intensively involved in the customer-specific development of electromagnets around fuel cell drives for various types of vehicles.

These are electric vehicles which are equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell including a hydrogen tank. The hydrogen fuel cell generates the electrical power to drive the vehicle while it is in motion.

The challenges in this area are mainly high pressures, pressure-tight laser welded joints and the handling of stainless steels.

From the initial inquiry to the finished system component delivered in series, we at Magnetbau Schramme have been handling every step for more than 45 years!

  • Customer specific requirements
  • Concept development
  • Prototype / Sample
  • Validation
  • Industrialization
  • Series production


Stay tuned and develop a sustainable future together with us!

Your Schramme Team!