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Hydraulics - Compact application with Schramme actuators

Actuators - Hydraulics

Hydraulics - Compact application



Customised development of actuators in automation technology / hydraulics

A major advantage in this customised development of an actuator implemented by Schramme is that the running tube is integrated in the proportional valve and is a compact application. 


Special features: 

Proportional technology, flow control of media in hydraulics (e.g. oil flow control). 



Compact application = The proportional valve is integrated in the running pipe. 


Function of the actuator

Proportional solenoid and proportional solenoid valve with integrated running tube 


A voltage acts on the actuator (input and output signal) 

The current acts on the proportional solenoid. The more current is switched on, the wider the valve opens. 

The proportional solenoid actuates the valve.

The valve then controls the energy flow of the hydraulic drive.

The energy of the drive is converted into kinetic energy.  

Stepless adjustment of the electrical voltage is possible. Accordingly, the speed and force directly at the actuator are also infinitely variable depending on a customised development and application of the actuator implemented by us.

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