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Permanent holding magnets

Permanent holding magnet it is another innovation by Magnetbau Schramme magneticsystems.



By energizing the coil, the permanent magnetic field of the magnet is neutralized and can be detached from the armature plate.

As soon as the current supply is switched off, the magnet sticks to the anchor plate again.

Since a certain amount of power is required to neutralize the permanent magnetic field, it is important that no permanent energization takes place. I.e. the voltage should be switched off again after loosening the magnet. A long lifespan of the holding magnet can be achieved in this way.

The permanent holding magnet can be operated with our Magnetbau Schramme anchor plates EG1050A02 / 109. 

The larger the permanent magnet, the greater its holding force.

Example: Drawing Permanent Holding Magnet

Example of use:
E.g. Door lock (the door can only be opened when the magnet is energized)


Link to the Permanent Holding Magnet in our E-Shop


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