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Bistable Reversing Linear Solenoids

Bistabiler Umkehrhubmagnet

Magnetbau Schramme - Bistable Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids can perform a high degree of linear work within a minimum of space. To operate an electromagnet energy-efficiently, it is decisive which amount of force is actually required in the stroke starting and stroke end position, so that the size, output power and control can be optimally dimensioned.

In order to achieve high efficiency with minimal energy consumption, bistable magnetic systems – so-called bistable reversing linear solenoids - are ideal.

Introducing: „The bistable reversing linear solenoid“
Ideal properties:

  • Bistability with high forces in the end positions
  • High forces at the beginning/initial motion of the actuator
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Minimal space requirements
  • High efficiency
  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Adaptable on PCBs
  • Switchable through short charge impulses
  • Suitable for a defined worst-case position
  • Usable in safety-critical areas such as for safety systems or in medical technology


Solution - Developed by the Schramme team:

The bistable reversing linear solenoid developed by Magnetbau Schramme meets all desired requirements. The example shown here from the current series represents a possible implementation of the new patent.

  • Minimal space requirements (here 25 x 25 x 85 mm) in relation to the accomplished linear work = very high efficiency
  • High forces at the beginning/initial motion of the actuator F(end position)>30 N non-energized / >60 N energized end-position force
  • F (stroke)>20 N
  • s = 5 mm
  • P = 7 watts
  • High efficiency>400 % higher than customary reversing linear solenoids
  • >> 1,000,000 switching cycles
  • Switchable through short charge impulses
  • Suitable for a defined worst-case position
  • Suitable for battery operation



  • Minimal installation space and maximum energy
  • density Minimal power consumption
  • High forces in initial and final position
  • Easy PCB mounting due to pins with standard pitch
  • Long lifetime due to robust housing & mechanical robustness
  • Suitable for battery operationEnergy efficient (force in stroke start and end position)
  • Up to highest safety category (PL d / PL e)
  • Functional safety (FuSi / SIL 3)



  • Safety switches
  • Locking systems
  • Building doors and machine doors
  • Parking brake commercial vehicles


Magnetbau Schramme developments are customer-specific. If you are searching for the right electromagnet or solenoid for your series project, simply contact us for the perfect solution. Our team will help you - guaranteed.


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