Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG
Sam - Elektromagnete, Elektromagnetventile, Ventile, Wegsensoren von Magnetbau Schramme
Magnetbau Schramme mit Sam als Markenbotschafter Produkte, Ventile, Elektromagnete, Sensoren
Magnetbau Schramme Produkte
Forschung und Entwicklung von Elektromagnete, Sensoren, Ventile und Aktuatoren bei Magnetbau Schramme
Magnetbau Schramme Produkte
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The Schramme Brand


Schramme already is a well-known brand on the global market. Schramme is known.
With many registered and innovative patents in the industry, Schramme maintains its leading market position in various sectors and industrial areas. 

The Schramme brand currently also holds several world records with its products in terms of manufacturing and functionality.



Schramme Marketing has developed an own brand ambassador for future company marketing activities, in line with our story-telling concept. SAM. A 3.50 meter tall transformer bot that reflects Schramme's great product variety.

SAM's design was realized with the focus on integrating the most various products from the Schramme product range. Electromagnets and solenoids, valves, clutches, hydraulic system components and sensors.

Along with "SAM - the brand ambassador", another Schramme claim was implemented in our marketing: "Transforming into success." A contemporary and innovative claim.