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We are Schramme - International & market leading. Solenoids, Proportional Valves and LVDT's.

Magnetbau Schramme develops and produces internationally as a traditional & innovative family business since 1975 electromagnetic actuators in the form of electromagnets, proportional solenoids, proportional valves, sensors and LVDT's in top quality. Most of our products are customized developments. As a loyal and reliable global player, we are market leaders with locations in Germany and China, and we place great emphasis on LEAN management throughout the company. All solenoid systems, valves and sensors for our customers are "Made in Germany".


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Electromagnets, Solenoids and magnet systems

Electromagnets at Schramme. Proportional solenoids are our strength. If you can build proportional actuators, the rest is easy. Locking solenoids, linear solenoids, reversing linear solenoids, holding solenoids, permanent electric holding solenoids, braking solenoids, area grippers or electromagnetic clutches. Most of the products are customized. All our innovations, developments, designs and productions, whether small series or large series, can be found in various branches of industry such as automotive, mechanical engineering, materials handling, food industry, mobile hydraulics, safety engineering, medical technology, trucks, small electrical devices, door closing systems and locking technology as well as in electromobility.


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Solenoid valves, proportional valves, pressure control valves

Customized solenoid valves for hydraulics, pneumatics and all other types of fluids. Whether in commercial vehicles or in electric cars, on machines, mobile hydraulics on tractors or on ships. Pinch valves, proportional valves, switching valves or valves with special characteristics - we developed the right solenoid valve for you individually. A special Schramme expertise lies in proportional valves, or solenoid valves. Whether pressure control valves, flow control valves, pressure reducing valves, electromagnetic valves, mechanical valves, hydraulic valves or pneumatic valves. Whether hydraulic or pneumatic. Send us your specification - we will be pleased to advise you about the versatile possibilities.


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Sensors with proportional technology, Hall sensors and LVDT's

In particular, displacement sensors for actuators are our specialty.
A highlight: Schramme fuses the actuator or valve directly with the sensor. Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) is the most popular measuring system in hydraulics for the displacement sensor - extremely accurate and fast.
We would be pleased to present you completely new Hall sensors integrated into the valve or proportional solenoid, simple threshold switches, or new types of dielectric displacement measurement systems in a personal discussion.
Highly integrated into your system, fused with the actuator or valve.
Feel free to contact us and we will advise you on an individual solution for your application.


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The customer is the center of attention at Magnetbau Schramme!

As employees of Magnetbau Schramme, we are proud of where we are today. A global brand known to everyone who at one time or another uses actuators as components in their products. We are always developing with our finger on the pulse of our customers and the market, and surprise them with new ideas and product innovations.

My job as sales manager at Magnetbau Schramme is to give everything every day to keep our customers happy.

Alexander Grischin - Head of Sales