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> Mechanical Valves

Reliability, accuracy and durability are the required properties of hydraulic components - especially for mechanical valves - for applications that will inspire customers. Schramme customers are fascinated by the innovation, know-how and swiftness that Schramme implements when it comes to realizing customer requirements. We listen closely and realize your objectives and requirements into the matching product.


A few of our mechanical valves are available in our Online Shop, ready for swift and simple ordering.

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> Solenoid Valves

Up next are the Magnetbau Schramme switching valves.
The switching valves belong to the solenoid valve group.
In general, a solenoid valve consists of a valve component and a solenoid component.
When the solenoid switches, the solenoid armature actuates elements within the valve. Such valves can switch very swiftly.


A few of our solenoid switching valves are available in our Online Shop, ready for swift and simple ordering.


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> Pinch Valves

Pinch valves are primarily used in medical and analysis technology for chemical processing, as well as in measuring and control technology for reliable control of difficult materials. An electromagnet is used for controlling the flow of liquids.


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> Proportional Solenoid

Proportional solenoid valves are used for infinitely variable and very precise adjustment of volumetric flow rates or pressures. The required value can be adjusted proportional to the solenoid current.

Swift response times and very accurate setting of the desired values are achieved through a very low hysteresis and high-precision components. This, of course, is in-line with a high repetitive accuracy.



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> Pressure-Control Valve


Proportional pressure regulating valves or Proportional control valves are used in hydraulic systems, in which the pressure is frequently adapted to the process conditions. Such pressure regulating valves are used, e.g., for presses in mill trains, in pump controllers for hydraulic drives (oil, water), as well as for pressure-release systems in snow plows.



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Applications of valves

Automotive hydraulic, motor control unit and gearbox control, mobile hydraulics, pump regulation, hydraulic control in elevators.

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