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Mangetbau-Schramme, Elektromagnete Technische Beschreibung, AGBs, Image Broschüre, Zertifikate, 8D-Report

Moving. Holding. Switching. Regulating.

Technical Introduction

The "Technical Introduction" is referred to several times on our product pages. Click here to view or print the "Technical Introduction" for your records.



Solenoid Data Sheets and Drawings

For example some flyers, data sheets and drawings of our series products.

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Product Catalogs

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General Conditions of Business

Our General Conditions of Business GBS are based on the "General Conditions for the Supply of Products and Services of the Electrical and Electronics Industry".  Click here to view or print.




Our current quality certifications:

IATF 16949:2016 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015



Image Brochure

As of December 2009, Magnetbau Schramme has a new corporate design. For this reason, we have revised and reissued our image brochure. Click here to view or print the new image brochure



Quality Guidelines for Suppliers

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Long-term Supplier's Declaration

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Conflict Minerals

Link to our Statement on Conflict Minerals as PDF


Solenoid, Electromagnet

Our product overview:


Proportional solenoid, linear solenoid, holding solenoid, reversing linear solenoid, double-proportional solenoid, pinch valve, hydraulic valve, pneumatic valve


Your individual electromagnet/solenoid for your own series production


 Proportionalmagnet GP8 Pneumatikventil Sereinproduktion



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