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Proportional solenoids with position sensor LVDT

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„Proportional solenoids with position sensor“

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Position sensor GP8060 LVDT (NG10)

GP8060A59-LVDT-Wegsensor-Magnetbau Schramme

Magnetbau Schramme ist Ihr Spezialist für - Proportionalmagnete mit Wegsensor (LVDT) NG10

Magnetbau Schramme is your specialist for proportional solenoids with position sensors (LVDT) NG10

Magnetbau Schramme's LVDT position sensor can be installed in any position. It features extreme accuracy and maximum linearity at minimum size.


The LVDT position sensors

displacement sensors are used in hydraulic systems when valves are to be effectively controlled via a closed-loop control circuit.


A high-end proportional solenoid has a hysteresis of 2-3 %. The hysteresis and the quality of the proportional solenoid determine the positioning accuracy with respect to the input variable of the current. For applications in which this deviation needs to be corrected, a position sensor (LVDT) is required to detect the exact position of the armature/slide valve and thus close the control circuit.
Position sensor GP8060 LVDT (NG10)


LVDT position sensor and the proportional solenoid 

They are available as an assembly. The zero position is factory-calibrated and set. Your savings are in the assembling and the connecting of various components, along with time-consuming adjustments.


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