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Mechanical engineering with electromagnets and actuators from Schramme

Mechanical engineering and automation technology have large intersections. The focus of Magnetbau Schramme products in mechanical engineering are in hydraulics and pneumatics.


Schramme supplies to many customers

For system manufacturers of hydraulic components and power units, e.g. in the form of actuators and electromagnets for valves, sensors or complete valves. A particular specialty of Schramme is proportional technology in the form of electromagnetic proportional valves or proportional solenoids for valves and suitable position sensors based on LVDT or Hall-sensors.



Injection moulding machines, mill trains, hydraulic power units, wood grinding machines, transformer stations, etc.


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Applications of Schramme products in mechanical engineering:


Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets in the form of linear solenoids are also correctly called DC single solenoids. The linear solenoid is a ...

3/2-way Seat Valve

Seat valves are used for leakage-free switching of the oil-flows. They are designed for perfect switching, even after ...

Proportional Solenoids and Proportional Valves

Proportional solenoids are often used for proportional valves. Proportional valves are also commonly referred to as ...

Double-acting and Single-acting Spreader Solenoids

Spreader solenoids are used almost only as actuation (releasing) magnets for brakes. Single-acting spreader solenoids are ...

Miniature Solenoids

Electromagnets designed as miniature solenoids are specialized linear solenoids, characterized by compact design and high ...

Double Proportional Solenoids

Double proportional solenoids consist of two magnet systems. These specialized linear solenoids are used to effect stroke ...

Bistable Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids can perform a high degree of linear work within a minimum of space. To operate an electromagnet ...

Reversing Linear Solenoids

Electromagnets or solenoids designed as reversing linear solenoids consist of two magnet systems. The stroke motion of the ...

Electrical Holding Magnets, Holding Solenoids

The soleneoid as an holding solenoid is a magnet system with an open magnetic circuit and is suitable for holding ...

Control-Solenoid, Control-Magnet and Control Valve

These electromagnets/solenoids are commonly used in control valves. The spectrum of control magnets as well as the variety ...

Proportional Solenoids

Proportional valves, control valves or also continuous valves are actuated electromagnetically. Electromagnetically actuated ...