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Ecological. Economical. Social.

[Translate to Englisch:] Nachhaltigkeits-Check

Sustainability is a challenge for society. Schramme is rising to this challenge.

At the end of 2022, Magnetbau Schramme GmbH took an intensive look at the topic of sustainability.
In the course of this, a "sustainability check" was carried out together with MG works GmbH and the ecological, economic and social sustainability of all departments was analyzed and evaluated.
In many areas, the stocktaking turned out to be very positive. At the same time, it was possible to identify a number of topics where there is still room for improvement.
Building on this, a sustainability roadmap will be developed in the coming weeks together with all managers, with which we will continuously improve in terms of sustainability.
We would like to thank Dr. Jens Ramsbrock (ARRK Engineering GmbH) and Daniel Abelein (MG works GmbH) for their great cooperation. 
Your Schramme Team!