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Bistabile solenoid. Small space - big lifting work!

[Translate to Englisch:] Bistabilder Hubmagnet - Geringer Raum - Grosse Hubarbeit
[Translate to Englisch:] Bistabiler Hubmagnet Schaubild

Magnetbau Schramme - Your specialist for bistable reversing solenoids:

The bistable lifting solenoid patented by Schramme in 2016 has a power density many times higher (300%) than conventional lifting solenoids. Small space - big lifting work!


• Minimal installation space and maximum energy

• density Minimal power consumption

• High forces in initial and final position

• Easy PCB mounting due to pins with standard pitch

• Long lifetime due to robust housing & mechanical robustness

• Suitable for battery operationEnergy efficient (force in stroke start and end position)

• Up to highest safety category (PL d / PL e)

• Functional safety (FuSi / SIL 3)


•Safety switches

•Locking systems

•Building doors and machine doors

•Parking brake commercial vehicles

In order to operate an electromagnet in an energy-efficient way, it is crucial to know which force is really required in the stroke start and end position, in order to then design it optimally in terms of size, power and control.

If you are looking for a suitable bistable solenoid for your series project, please contact us - our sales and development team will advise you.

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