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Linear Solenoids and electromagnets in high quality

Magnetbau Schramme Linear Solenoids - Unlimited Applications

Electromagnets in linear solenoid design are also referred to as DC single linear solenoids. This solenoid is a universal magnet. Its armature is moved from the stroke starting position to the stroke end position by means of electromagnetic force. The solenoid is reset via external forces. The magnet can be designed for pulling or thrusting-force action.

The variety on designs and sizes is as extensive as the number of customer applications.

If you want more informations about linear solenoids, schramme components in hydraulics and pneumatics or other electromagnetic magnet systems please contact us here

Linear Solenoid

The following linear solenoids are EXAMPLES for DC single linear solenoids realized in series. Magnetbau Schramme developments are customer-specific. If you are searching for the right electromagnet or solenoid for your series project, simply contact us for the perfect solution. Our team will help you - guaranteed.


Please note that we do not have „ex stock“ standard products, and can therefore only process inquiries for series.


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